Design Award

Easy to pick up, hard to master.

Connect Mania is a simple game about connecting dots of the same color. The game consists of a hundred
challenging levels divided into four adventurous episodes and three exciting game modes.

Connect the dots.

It's as simple as that. Connect Mania is about connecting dots of the same color. The minimum number of dots you can connect is two, but by connecting longer sequences of dots you will receive more points. By closing a sequence, for example by connecting dots in the shape of a quadrant, all dots of that color will be erased from the board and you will receive even more points.

Feel free to try out the basic principles of the game on the board to the left! Do you want more? Keep reading to learn about the hundred different levels and the three exciting game modes.

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Never-ending fun.

A hundred epic levels divided into four adventurous episodes.

Three uniquely exciting game modes.

As more levels are unlocked, additional layers of complexity are added in a fun and challenging way.
New game modes are introduced which guarantees that the game never gets boring.

Connect and collect.

The first game mode is dead simple. Connect dots of the same color and make sequences of as many dots as possible to collect points.

Erase the shape.

The second mode is about erasing and reorganizing dots in a manner that ultimately allows you to connect the dots in the shape drawn in grey.

Sink the black dot.

The third game mode includes black dots that can't be connected. The goal is to erase other dots in order to sink the black dots to the bottom.

Challenge your friends.

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